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Family Songs
A new E-CD that I'm building slowly.  The first song, I Am Yours (To the Day I Die) is to celebrate my 10 years of marriage with my lovely wife, Jennifer, and was just posted December 17.  More songs I've written for her and the kids and about covenant family life will be recorded and added to this page.  Check back!

Thanks to Darrel Diehl for using his home studio to begin this new album. And thanks to Darrel and Steve Ashby for their wonderful musicianship on the new song I Am Yours (Darrel on guitars, Steve on bass).

2008 Dumb Sheep Music.
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    1.  I Am Yours (To the Day I Die) - VIDEO

Song Sketches
Rough and Unpolished!

These songs were recorded in 2005 in a studio at a radio station I used to work at after hours with my friend, Kenny Woods, who played the keyboard on with me while I played acoustic guitar.   They are only sketches.  I have intended to use these as something to build from with professional recordings for a few different CD/album concepts later on.  As it takes time to save the money, and time is a premium with three children now (August 2008 as I write this), who knows when more formal recordings will happen.  In the mean time, I'd like to share them.  Feedback is welcome.  Hopefully you'll hear some of these in a more produced/polished manner with the band and without my errors later on.  Some of you will recognize songs that are now in our live concert sets that have evolved since the time of this recording.  RTB guitarist, Darrel Diehl, has recently acquired some home studio recording equipment, so we aim to put some new stuff down and share more in such a manner soon.  So stay tuned (as always, pun intended)!

Also, it is probably worth mentioning that some of these songs are really old (pre marriage -- one should be obvious) and some were brand new at the time of the recording session.  So they span quite a bit of time and periods of my life growing in Christ and growing a family.

PS: Kenny Woods just winged it on the keys that night on these songs.  He's amazing, isn't he!?

2008 Dumb Sheep Music.
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    1.  Have Mercy on Me - VIDEO
    2.  Walking with My Eyes Closed
    3.  Through the Storms and Joys of Life
    4.  The Fight Song (I'll Go On Loving You)
    5.  Ain't the Same (Without You Near Me)
    6.  Carry On
    7.  Almost Home
    8.  Melanie's Song (Dancing with Jesus)
    9.  Hope in Eternity
  10.  To Your Glory Lord

RiverTown Warning
Observing the struggles of a once flourishing local economy, the title track “RiverTown Warning” inspires this album’s theme: a life metaphor reminding us that nothing on Earth lasts, and how just when you think you have it all together the bottom can drop out from under you. Nothing promises permanence: no city, no job, no fancy education, no body.  So you can only put your hope in the eternal God who never changes, and whose promises of eternal life in Christ last forever.

2004 Dumb Sheep Music.
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    1. You Chose Me - VIDEO
    2. Amazing Grace (Carribean)
    3. RiverTown Warning
    4. Dumb, Stupid Sheep
    5. Eternal Well (The Tree Song)
    6. When I Look Back
    7. In My Baby's Arms
    8. Piano Reflections
    9. Little Bit of Both of Us
  10. She Leaves the Light on for Me

Mark Eight: fourteenthrutwentyone
The title highlights Scripture that Grant clung to during a difficult time in his life to trust Christ to provide. Again and again.

1998 Dumb Sheep Music.
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  1. Faith Looks Up  
  2. Resurrection Blues - VIDEO  
  3. Pride  
  4. A Sinner's Lullaby  
  5. Thine is the Kingdom  
  6. Young Man's Prayer  
  7. Awakening  
  8. Worth Something  
  9. Take My Soul - VIDEO  
  10. The Only One  
  11. Don't Harden Your Heart