Friends of The Fold

CD Baby - Portland, Oregon. Some fine folks that distribute my CDs to anyone ordering them online around the world. They are the real deal -- providing a much needed distribution tool for independent artists, and feedback from fans who have bought my CD through them online is that their service is easy to use, and amazing.

FrontPorch CD – Keene, NH.  Manufactured and printed RiverTown Warning. I’ve never had better customer service.  Bill is a terrific guy, and he takes care of you. And I did A LOT of price shopping, and he was at the top of the list for the most competitive costs without sacrificing quality.

Incubator Creative Group – Santa Clara, OR.  With the help of several music ministry financial supporters, I trained in performing, songwriting, marketing, ministry development, and voice with this fine company dedicated to hatching good stuff out of emerging Christian artists. So much of my improvement has come from their help.

Beth Champion Mason – A fellow artist formerly with Incubator Creative Group, my wife and I met Beth and her husband in Denver for a training weekend several years ago and really hit it off. She is a particularly gifted songwriter and performer. Check out her music!

Peculiar People – Franklin, TN.  A touring theater company I had the privilege of sharing the stage with once.  I was moved to laughter and tears, and deeply touched by Christ’s grace and love.   And I was encouraged to witness solid theological illustrations. This team of actors bring a unique blend Spiritual insight and comedy to many non-traditional theater audiences. Writing their own material, Peculiar People deliver both inspiration and entertainment.

Puritan Evangelical Church of America - San Diego (Paradise Hills), CA.  After graduation in May of 2010 from seminary, the Lord called me in my family to serve the saints here in this lovely part of God's creation.  The Bible and sound doctrine are held up, and the people really love each other.  We are blessed and honored to be part of this congregation.