6. Carry On

Words and music by Grant Van Leuven

1999 Dumb Sheep Music

Song Sketch Intro:
A song with an amillenial eschatology (before I knew what that mean or could articulate it -- just tired of the futility of life striving under the curse and longing for heaven).  Found I could carry on knowing Christ was carrying me and the journey this dark world has a blissful end.

I could walk for miles and miles
And never get much further on
I could search for fame and power
And in my heart still feel alone
I could ride the waves of life
Just to crash upon death’s shore
And in the end of my journey
Find darkness lurking at my door

I could build a fortune’s worth
Of artifacts and memories
Store them all up in my heart
And let them swell up into seas
But when I die they’ll all be gone
What shall I carry then with me?
The way of righteousness is life
Along that path is immortality

But I start to sink
When I realize I’m dying, dying, dying
But then I start to sing
‘Cause You gave me eternity
So I’ll keep on trying to...

Carry on (Carry on)
Until I see You face to face
I’ll carry on (Carry on)
Until I meet Your warm embrace
I’ll carry on (Carry on)
Until Your light is in my eyes
I’ll carry on (Carry on)
Until You raise my body to new life

No longer will I hope and trust
In temporary things that fade
But now I put my treasure in heaven
And there my heart will remain
I will not worry ‘bout tomorrow

Each day has trouble of its own
God gave me what I need in Christ
And I will worship Him
Forever at His throne, and so


...raise my body

...raise my body

...to new life

...to new life...

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