4. Dumb, Stupid Sheep

Words and music by Grant Van Leuven

2002 Dumb Sheep Music

I’m just a dumb, stupid sheep who’s fallen on my back again I need You to lift me up and put me on my feet again I’m gonna die if I stay here lying with my legs in the air I don’t have the strength to stand on my own I’m getting really scared

You know, a wolf in sheep’s clothing done pulled the wool over my eyes Shoulda run as he was comin’, but I guess I fell for his disguise Now I’m fighting for my life asking Jesus to rescue me Thank God for the blood of the Lamb that has set me free!

It just goes to show how I’m hopeless, utterly hopeless, without a Shepherd It just goes to show how Your promise is the only way I’ll survive!

I’ve been a blah blah bad sheep, but You can make my cup full Your rod and Your staff keep me straight when I start to pull And when I fall down, I know now, You’ll always pick me up I don’t deserve it, but You always stand by Your Word

So lay me down in green pastures By still waters Restore my soul Lead me on the right path So I don’t want as I wait for You to take me home 

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