9. Hope in Eternity

Words and music by Grant Van Leuven

2002 Dumb Sheep Music

Song Sketch Intro:
Struggling with this world, comforted by the hope of Heaven.  Guess it's a recurring theme for the Christian troubadour.

Nobody said it was gonna be easy
Nobody said it was gonna be free
Haven’t you heard, life isn’t fair?
But we’ve got HOPE IN ETERNITY

Life is hard
Sometimes I feel like checkin’ out
From the world
Forgettin’ what it’s all about

Things seem bad
When I keep lookin’ down at my feet
Kickin’ round
At the fears I can’t seem to beat
But then I think, that…


Will things change?
It seems like there will never be
Better times
Apart from giving up on me
Unless I
Get a grip on my life and learn
I have time to reach for the things I yearn for, ‘cause…


Carry on
Are the words ringing in my ear
Life is hard, but there’s nothing I need to fear
Jesus reigns! Are the words I need to repeat
While I wait for the promise I know’ He’ll keep
And so I sing…


You know He died to set us [The elect, don't sweat it] free
And we’ve got HOPE IN ETERNITY

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