8. Melanie's Song (Dancing with Jesus)

Words and music by Grant Van Leuven

2003 Dumb Sheep Music

Song Sketch Intro:
Melanie Bierma was a dear saint who died young in an auto accident probably ultimately due to hear health issues. She was the maid of honor in our wedding.  Jenn still cries sometimes thinking about her, missing her.  This was only a few years after our wedding.  And within the same year, a 12-year old boy, also named Grant, died.  He was also in our same church family in New York (although Jenn and I had moved to Pittsburgh before both losses).  I was so impressed with the witness of Melanie's legacy at the memorial service we were in town for - such as young ladies on her college campus she had invited to Bible studies now professing Christ. It was also a peculiar night the way the moon looked within the clouds (almost a circular window around the moon as I recall) that added to my melancholy.  This kind of situation makes issues of death and life, heaven and hell, more sobering.  Praise the Lord Melanie loved (loves) Jesus.  For those who may be uncomfortable with the "dancing" thing, relax -- it's obviously metaphorical.

There was a ring around the sky
The night we said goodbye to you
It circled round the moon that shown through the clouds
And we knew, God was looking down on us
As Jesus danced with you

You had a passion full of purple
In how you shared the Savior’s love
And those braces never held you back
From living full, and fully for God

Now you’re dancing with Jesus
No braces on your legs
Twirling and laughing
Waiting for me

You ask me not to weep for you
But may I weep for me for just a while
I’m thinking of your smile
And the beauty that is you
And how I’ll be missing you for now


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