4. The Fight Song (I'll Go On Loving You)

Words and music by Grant Van Leuven

2005 Dumb Sheep Music

Song Sketch Intro:
Wrote this after one of my first serious disagreements with my wife.  Ephesians 5 popped me on the head as how I am to lead my wife as Christ loved the Church, and we worked it out.  This sort of came out of that experience: God chastening me with His Word, my obeying Him, and being moved to affirm my bond to her by God and my word. (For those of you wondering how it is we didn't have a major disagreement until the copyright date above considering we were married in 1998, I know it was years before that but this probably represents when I finally put it down on paper!)

Verse 1
I’ll go on loving you
I’ll go on loving you
No matter what we say or do
I will go on loving you

Verse 2
I’ll go on holding your hand
I’ll go on being your man
I’ll go on taking a stand for you
And I will go on loving you

When the hard times have begun
And we’re feeling far away
When the storms of life have come
And it seems they’re here to stay
LORD knows, I’ll never leave
I will always be around
Woman, to you I cleave
And by His Word I am bound

Verse 1


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