3. Through the Storms and Joys of Life

Words and music by Grant Van Leuven

1998 Dumb Sheep Music

Song Sketch Intro:
This song was written after I enjoyed a concert I walked home from in the city of Rochester, NY, wishing my soon to be wife was with me to enjoy it together.  Missing her.  Eager to have her with me all the time by God's union into one flesh.

I saw a man tonight, dressed in black and full of smiles
A traveling band tonight; they had traveled many miles
The crowd cheered on, moved by rhythm and by song
I thought of us, and how we’d be there ‘fore too long

Walked home alone tonight, music ringing in my ears
Thought how much I would like to have you with me here
So full of fire, love, the same one you have known
This heart you hold, and treasure as your own

(La dai dai dai…..)

I wait to be joined with you so we can move along
I know that you’re waiting too, you sing your bridal song
Nothing could be more clear; my mind is sound and true
Yearning to have you near, God making one of two



I’ll be yours, you’ll be mine
I’ll be yours, in the blessing of God’s eye
Take my hand, hold it tight
Through life’s storms and through the joy of life

(Lai dai dai dai…)

We’ve much to do until Christ comes
And raises all His people to be one
Until then, we’ll celebrate this ministry and swim
I in you, and you in me


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