Don’t Harden Your Heart
1998 Dumb Sheep Music

Verse 1:
I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to some conclusions ‘bout what kind of man I am
I’ve found that there’s a struggle between right and wrong inside me
And I’m needin’ to make a plan
You see, I’ve found my intentions are good
But my head often leads me astray
I’ve decided to control this craziness inside me and live for the LORD

Don’t harden your heart, when you’re struck with the truth
Don’t harden your heart, before the lesson is through
Don’t harden your heart, you must let go of your pride
If you don’t open your heart, you keep the Devil inside
Don’t keep the devil inside

Verse 2:
Well I wanted things to be different
But I expected the world to take the first step
Now I see the problem’s inside of me
Can’t wait for others, I’ll only regret
And no, it ain’t easy to start
No, it ain’t easy to let go
But once the Spirit enters your heart
Righteousness begins to flow!


(c) 1998 Grant Van Leuven

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