1998 Dumb Sheep Music

So-long to you
I’m not going with you any further
You’ve just been lying to me all this time
And I’ve known only pain

So-long to you
I’ve found my Home
And I’m never looking back
Leaving myself behind
To keep you company
I’m giving up on you 
You never made me any friends
To glory in me is vain! and ugly! and boring!
I like God better
He fills me with a joy you’ll never know
This denying myself for others
Is better than I’d ever imagined


I’m unable to hate like I used to
The anger subsides
Healthy habits are forming
More and more as I try
Can’t say I’m sorry to see you go
I know you’ll pay visits sometimes
But just so you know
My door will be closed to you


Humble thyself, Humble thyself
Humble thyself
And you will be exalted! 

(c) 1998 Grant Van Leuven

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