About Grant

From folk and bluegrass to acoustic-driven rock, from hopeful lyrics to hard-edged questions, and, from witty, humorous showmanship to times of serious contemplation, singer, songwriter, and seminarian Grant Van Leuven has performed at a variety of venues to the enjoyment of a slew of listeners for more than 10 years.

Concert goers are led through myriad moods and perspectives by this troubadour's songs of enthusiasm and passion for life (coupled with reflections about its uncertainty) and  comforted with a peaceful resolve in the certainty of Jesus Christ.

Formerly an affiliate artist with Oregon-based Incubator Creative Group, Grant's musicianship stems from a combination of strict training in piano and voice, including lessons at the prestigious Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY) and from Denver-based Dr. Scott Martin (Ph.D., Julliard), and years of playing with various bands and worship groups. This background makes for a unique blend of styles between polished technique and rough-edged spontaneity in his song writing and performance.

As he shares his thoughts and experiences on stage through his original works, Grant strives to extend joy and hope to his listeners by helping them think, smile, laugh, and cry, leaving each concert closer to God and each other.

Based in San Diego (as of August, 2010) Grant also is a 2010 M.Div. alum of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, and applies this pastoral training to the approach, message, and method of his concert ministry. Visit his church website at puritanchurch.com

Grant's Testimony (pdf)